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Emory Anderson, Renee Balka, Kevin Baetz,
John Cale, Dennis Cleasby, Rick Davis, Queeno DeVamps
Angela Guethlein, David Harbour, Steve Haws, Mike Henegan,
Steve "Java Jel" Gelsi, Jonathan Gotlieb, JT "Johnny Texas" Longoria,
Nick Kane, Gary Long, Kol Marshall, Sasha Manzella, CJ Niehoff,
Bob Portz, Bob Plotkin, Mike Scaccia, Mike Taylor, Ben Waller

Emory Anderson:
Emory Anderson plays Tabla Drums, Bass, and performs Backing Vocals on many early Doppler Effect recordings. Emory also wrote lyrics and music for several songs which first appeared on the Hard Core 1984 album.


Renee Balka:
Renee' Balka is best known for her work with Last Beat Records' Astrogin and has performed keyboards and vocals with internationally touring bands, such as Counter Culture, Evolution, and The Morris Rose Band. Renee' has performed and recorded in several other bands in Dallas, including Adam Bomb, No Control, Suspense, Rumors and Dark Secrets, among others. Renee's contributions to Doppler Effect include keyboards on Splunge.

Kevin Baetz:
Kevin Baetz played drums with Doppler Effect from 1985 to 1987 and composed some of the songs on the Find Focus CD.


John Cale:
Considered one of our founding members, John Cale led the first live performance by Doppler Effect with Emory Anderson, Kol Marshall, and Bob Plotkin at Stilwend in lower Manhattan in November of 1981. Cale was also responsible for helping choose the name Doppler Effect.

Dennis Cleasby:
Dennis Cleasby performs backing vocals on Countdown To Power Dennis is a songwriter, artist, and teacher of art and music. Visit his web site at www.denniscleasby.com


Rick Davis:

Rick Davis plays Guitar on Doppler Effect's Confabulation. Lyrical credits include "Soma" and parts of "Talk To The Hand". Rick is also the driving force behind the band Rocket Gun.

Queeno DeVamps:
Queeno DeVamps performs backing vocals on
Duplicitous Vortex. Queeno is best known for her work as bassist in Ghoultown.



Jonathan Gotlieb:
Jonathan Gotlieb played saxophone for Doppler Effect from 1985 through 1986 and appears on the Find Focus CD 

Angela Guethlein:
Angela Guethlein Performed on many early Splurge recordings, playing flute, keyboards and bass, and performing vocals. She was also co-author of several songs from the 1984 era and performed bass and backing vocals during live performances.

David Harbour:
David Harbour performs bass on Duplicitous Vortex.



Steve Haws:

Steve Haws does not appear on any Doppler Effect recordings. Steve Haws is not a musician. Steve's guitar playing was the inspiration for one of the guitar parts in "Waitress At Heart" from Confabulation.




Mike Henegan:
Mike Henegan played bass guitar with Doppler Effect from 1985 to 1987 and appears on the Find Focus CD.


Java Jel:
Java Jel performs guitar and backing vocals on Doppler Effect's Countdown To Power and appears courtesy of Coffee Time Productions. Visit Java's web site at  www.javajel.com.


JT "Johnny Texas" Longoria:
JT performs bass and guitar on the track "66 Fingers" on Duplicitous Vortex.


Nick Kane:
Nick Kane vocalizes, programs drum machines, plays guitar, plays odd instruments and makes found audio samples and sound effects.

Gary Long:
Gary Long plays drums on "Soma" and on Duplicitous Vortex. Gary also owns and manages Nomad Recording Studio.

Kol Marshall:
Kol Marshall performs and sequences keyboards, plays guitar and bass, as well as other odd instruments and found objects, and vocalizes. Kol also produces and engineers for Doppler Effect.
Visit Kol Marshall's web site at www.kolmarshall.com

Sasha Manzella:
Sasha Manzella played drums with Doppler Effect from 1983 to 1984 and appears on the Hardcore 1984 CD.



CJ Niehoff:
Carl "CJ" Niehoff plays guitar on Duplicitous Vortex and also performs vocals and guitar on Splunge. Also pictured: Calen Niehoff.


Bob Plotkin:
Bob Plotkin performs Violin, synthesizer, and vocals on many releases.



Bob Portz:
Bob Portz plays acoustic guitar and bass on Doppler Effect's release, Duplicitous Vortex, and plays electric guitar on the Splunge album.

Mike Scaccia:
Mike Scaccia plays guitar and bass on "Soma". Mike has also collaborated with Kol Marshall on several instrumental pieces slated for use as film score material. Mike Scaccia is best know for his guitar work in Ministry and Rigor Mortis, and was also a founding member of League of Blind Women.

"Metabolic" Mike Taylor:
Mike Taylor plays burning lead guitar on several tracks of Doppler Effect's Confabulation and Duplicitous Vortex.
Mike's band RABID FLESH EATERS recently recorded at MSI.

Ben Waller:
Ben Waller does backing vocals on Metaloplastika and also appears on several Splurge recordings.





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